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10 Slots Frequently Asked Questions

We know that for igamers, who are just starting to play online slot games, you can have a thousand questions to ask about them but yet searching on the internet can often lead you to various advertisements for online slots sites – check out Wizard Slots.

We are here to guide you through the multitude of misleading sites that claim to offer you the solutions to the most frequently asked slots questions (but don’t!) so that you can get straight back on track to playing the slots that offer you the best odds and will leave your pockets looking nice and healthy!

So, without further ado, check out our comprehensive guide on the ten most frequently asked questions about slots and follow their answers below to be well on your way to becoming an online slots professional.

  1.   How did the online slot come to be?

Most people are gagging to know a little history behind the mysterious slot machine so get your pencils out kids because here’s a one-sentence lesson on slot machines! The casino slot machine developed from the early 20th century chewing gum machines, they got transferred as an adults gambling game in casinos, bars, pubs, then to the online world!

  1.       What is RTP?

If you have had a look at a few slots then you have seen these statistics. The RTP (return to player) is the theoretical amount a player will see returned: play with £100 on an RTP game of 97%, then you will, in theory, get £97 back and lose £3.

  1.       What is Volatility Rate?

A game with high volatility means that you will win less frequently but will get a more profitable return if you do win, low volatility is just the opposite!

  1.       Do you have to play slots with real money?

You can play the demo version of some slots which lets you play for free but does not allow you to win any real cash.

  1.       What are welcome packages?

Everyone is looking for the hottest welcome package because they allow anybody who is just signing up for the first time to get a load of bonuses and free spins.

  1.       What is an RNG?

A random number generator (RNG) is the algorithm behind a slot game that determines how lucky you will be each spin. The description should tell you your odds.

  1.       Can you change your wager in slot games?

Most slot games allow you to edit your wager to change what your potential returns could be.

  1.       What are loyalty bonuses?

If you are a loyal customer to a slot site, they will most likely gift you with free bonuses every so often to sweeten you up and keep you playing!

  1.       What is a payline?

The lines going across the reels are paylines and you want to be matching as many symbols as possible on those reels to win big!

  1.   Are online slots just for the laptop?

Most online slots sites have adapted to the new age and allowed mobile gaming play meaning that you can be winning slots wherever you are.

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