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Are there any scam bingo sites online?

Playing at barbadosbingo.com is a fun thing to do, however ,as with anything that involves gambling money, players should still be extremely careful. The sad truth is that there are always going to be people who are looking to scam unsuspecting gamblers, no matter what game they play.

Can a Bingo Site scam you?

Unfortunately, there are a few bingo sites out there which try to scam their customers. Typically, these sites aim to steal the personal details of a play. They want things such as login details, passwords or even bank details. Players may think having their passwords stolen isn’t a big deal but these fraudulent companies realise that most people use the same password for multiple things such as emails and bank accounts. Bingo sites can also scam players in other ways too, they could refuse to provide somebody with their winnings or intentionally rig a game to cause them to lose. Ultimately, players put a lot of trust in these bingo sites and it is up to them not to abuse it.

Warning Signs

There are several ways in which a player could end up getting scammed by a bingo site, luckily there are a few warning signs that players can look out for which will help them to identify whether a site is trying to cheat them.

  • Gambling Commision logo. Perhaps the most obvious warning sign. If a bingo site does not prominently display the logo of the Gambling Commission on one of their main website pages, then players should leave the website. This logo signals to players that the site has been approved by the independent regulator and there is no real reason to hide it from view.
  • Poor customer service. A subtle sign that you may be getting scammed is having to deal with poor customer service. While every worker can have a bad day, if you find that it is difficult to reach the customer service team or they are intentionally misleading you, it is best to leave the website before you end up handing over any vital information.
  • Payment methods. Online bingo sites are known for offering players a host of payment methods to choose from. Sites that scammers use tend to only have one or two payment methods for the player to choose from, usually a method which is not typically used. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a bingo site’s payment methods, don’t second guess yourself! Leave the site before it is too late.

Blacklisted Sites

If a bingo site gets blacklisted, this means that it has gone rouge and is intentionally misleading, scamming and stealing from players. Although there is no definitive list of blacklisted sites, there is a general consensus of who to avoid.

  • Cool Cat Casino was blacklisted for slow payments and unreliable promotions.
  • Osiris Casino was blacklisted for false promos and having slow communication.
  • Vics Bingo was blacklisted for having gambling license issues.


Players can get scammed playing bingo if they are not careful. They should keep an eye out for warning signs and familiarise themselves with blacklisted sites.

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