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List of Qualified Teams: FIFA 2022

The luxurious opening of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar is only one year away. Although, the needed 32 international teams are not yet complete to make up the official list. 

After the list is completed, they will compete against each other for a few weeks to see which team will reign champion in world football.

As for the qualified teams so far, here are the teams who made it.


It is no surprise that Qatar is on this list, they are the host nation in this year’s World Cup and they are automatically granted a slot in the final tournament. Even though several controversies are being attributed to Qatar’s hosting grant, Felix Sanchez’s team is doing their best to prove that they deserve the spot in the finals.


For the Qatar Games, it has been a harrowing journey so far for DFB-Elf. Despite being the first squad to qualify for the World Cup, the impending loss of some of the experienced players this year will have detrimental effects to Hansi Flick’s side.


The semi-finals of the European Championship is a good display of power for Denmark’s national team. The Danes might thrive but the loss of Christain Eriksen is a definite blow to Denmark’s defense.


The Seleção navigated through the CONMEBOL qualifiers with convenience despite going neck-and-neck with rival Argentina. Even though Brazil has an inexhaustible list of formidable talents, the pressure still lies on Neymar.


The qualification process also seemed to be smooth for the World Cup’s defending champion. The Kylian Mbappe-led Les Bleus is a well-managed team with an incredible defense.


The pressure is on for The Red Devils, after being considered as the number one national team in FIFA World Ranking, the expectations for this team is high. However, there is nothing to worry about as they are handling it beautifully so far.


Of all the teams that are already qualified in the ฟุตบอลโลก 2022, there is nothing more exciting than the inclusion of Croatia. Their surprise victory against Russia is a good start, making them a team with a huge potential.


Spain has always been in the finals of most major tournaments. Well, Luis Enrique’s side is a team with an incredible form and direction. 


Serbia is a new powerhouse of talents in the pool of qualified teams for the Qatar Games. After defeating fierce Portugal, this ensemble of athletes from major European leagues is the one to watch out for in the future.


Gareth Southgate’s side is vying for the title and it is evident in their performances lately. The Three Lions remain solid and full of incredible talents.


The impact of the Swiss squad may be minuscule but the way they are cruising through the qualifiers is impressive. Nevertheless, they were a surprising inclusion to the final list of contenders. 


The Dutch team had made good use of their time while being absent in the last two seasons of the World Cup. Who knows? This might be a good year for them.


The recent triumph of Argentina in Copa America has ignited the hope of the fans to finally see Lionel Messi receive his first World Cup championship title. 

Winning the ultimate international title would be the crème de la crème of Messi’s football career. Now that Messi is nearing his retirement on his playing course, it would be such a bummer if he didn’t win this year. 

Nevertheless, the 2022 World Cup could serve as the swan song for Messi and the pressure is on for Argentina.


So far, the teams that were qualified in the World Cup 2022 is a smorgasbord of talented teams. This competition will truly bring back the spirit of international sporting events in this pandemic-stricken world.

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