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Online Gambling Still Soars Amidst Easing of Pandemic Restrictions

The industry of gambling like any forms of business has been heavily tormented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the mandatory restrictions, many brick-and-mortar casinos and sports arenas temporarily suspended their operations to comply with the health protocols.

While gambling in physical casinos were suspended during the pandemic, there is also a surprisingly high engagement in the online casino side of the industry.  

Several improvements in online gambling

The pandemic has heavily highlighted the many disadvantages of land-based gambling, not only in medical aspects but also in other aspects as well. As social distancing is a part of the pandemic protocols, businesses know that the measures will be hard to implement in an establishment like casinos where human contact and engagement is frequent.

However, the pandemic also made gamblers realize the inconveniences of land-based gambling such as the expenses of traveling long distances to gamble. This has prompted many serial land-based gamblers to resort to online casinos to compensate with their lack of freedom to go anywhere during the lockdowns.

Many online casinos improved their services and offered exciting bonuses and gimmicks to increase the engagement of bettors on the site. Also, many platforms introduced many features on their services that are so beneficial that caused players to forget what it’s like to bet on  brick-and-mortar casinos. 

Cashless payouts

Ever since the pandemic expanded worldwide, many businesses are rethinking to change their business model to feature cashless payments. During the pandemic, payment platforms such as PayPal and Neteller became popular in processing daily financial transactions.

As a result, a lot of online casinos like Solarbet also strengthen their partnership with e-wallets and other providers of digital payment processes. These casinos also promoted the use of cashless payments in their betting services. 

Aside from e-wallets and digital payment platforms, there is also an increase in the awareness of the public to the use of cryptocurrencies in online gambling. Nowadays, many major betting platforms have been offering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in their list of payment options.

Prioritization of safety

Despite the slow easing of the restrictions to let land-based casinos to reopen, concerns about medical safety are still on the mind of many players. Encouraging bettors to come back in gambling establishments would be a challenge because a lot of people have been used to the safety practices during the lockdowns, making it hard to take a risk.

According to the experts, the owners of physical casinos really have to work hard in reassuring their customers that their facilities are safe and entertaining. Also, they will need to be creative in their offerings and bonuses to convince them to play again on the establishment.

As for online casinos, they need to ensure that their services are safe too when it comes to the digital aspect by improving the security of their software.

Online gambling trends

While the industry of land-based casinos is set to decline, the rise of ongoing trends in online betting is remarkably strong. The discovery of new technologies that can be used in online gambling has been hyping many gamblers worldwide.

Trends such as virtual reality-based gaming will definitely push the limits of online betting. While the use of smartwatches brings a new layer of convenience in the gameplay of betting games. 

Meanwhile, cloud-based gaming is still on the horizon but it will definitely have a neat application in the process of progressive jackpots in some slot games. Cloud-based technology will also help to integrate several aspects of online casino gambling, bringing a new level of convenience to the betting services.


The pandemic has forced many businesses to the premature transition from physical to online services. While land-based gambling is set to decline, the online side of things are continuing to reach astronomical heights. 

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