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Roulette: Rules of the Game!

Studying how to play the game Roulette would not take so much time of the learner because the rules involved are so much easy to spend a lot of time on the simplicity of every instruction. By merely looking at the table plus knowing the relevance of the wheel, anyone would definitely understand the rules of the roulette game. But of course, this is not as simple as understanding the game; this is actually a matter of accepting the dangers inclined within the game.

In a brick-walled casino, the mentioned table of the game roulette consists of at least six players and has a maximum of eight for every set of games. Each of the players would have to have different colored chips to be able for the dealer to distinguish who’s betting what. Obviously, this is not an issue with the online roulette casino as the player could play alone on the roulette table.

The player of this game would first bet down an amount which will be converted to a certain number of chips in just one color by the croupier. Each of the colored chips is equivalent to the minimum betting amount for the game. If the table requires $1 as the minimum bet, then the chip is worth $1 each. And when player is so lucky to guess the result of the wheel, the player wins and the player will be rewarded by colored chips equivalent to how much the player wins.

The player would be able to convert the chips to its equivalent amount after he wanted to stop playing. Again, this is for the land-based casinos, online roulette game rules have a minimum difference as compared to the land-based. Some online casinos do not require chips for the players to play the game as the players would need to deposit a certain amount as he registered to the online casino before he can play any games.

The Objective:

Whether it is online or land-based, the objective of the game roulette is for the player to oversee what would the result be after spinning the wheel. This result is not actually limited to a certain number only when the wheel stops. There are actually other sections of the result that the player may choose upon betting. Every section of the game can actually be seen on the table, there are numbers and a particular color. Players can put a stake on a specific number which involves a higher reward or to a certain odd or even numbers which involves 1 is to 1 proportion of rewards. Players can also bet within the first 12 figures, the next 12 or the 3rd 12 figures as shown on the table or can guess that the ball will land in a black or red receptacle, or neither on the two color because the ball landed on the zero which is colored green.

The Categories:

Two existing categories of roulette bets are available for the players to bet, and players may accomplish so in whatsoever amalgamation or options that the player wishes.

These two categories of roulette bets are the following:

Roulette inside bets – it is the bet wherein the player’s stake is on the figures within the internal layout of the table. Players here can bet on a particular number from 1 to 36.

Roulette outside bets – on the other hand, outside bets are bets wherein the players would want to put a stake on a more general guess. This is definitely not within the internal layout of the table. Bets options include Black or Red, first 12 or second 12 or third 12. This also includes whether odds or even numbers.

  1. The Types of Inside Bets:

Inside bets

The roulette inside bets composed a particular numerals or combinations of integers within the layout of a roulette figure, or alongside the border line of it.

Straight-up bet

This is considered the simplest among the bet. Just selecting a number from the 37 numbers and pronto, this may make the player be rewarded up to 35 times the amount bet.

Split bet

This is betting on two different numerical which should be aligned next to each other on the layout of the table. Split betting is putting a chip on the line in the middle of two numbers. By doing so, players may be rewarded 17 is to 1 if the ball landed on either of the numbers the player had chosen.

Street bet

This is betting on 3 numbers at a time. These 3 numbers should be consecutive so that the player may put the chip on the edge of the last number. And the bet should be equal amount for the three numbers. The reward for this type of betting is 11 is to 1.

Square bet

Players are allowed also to make a bet on the 4 aligned numbers at once. To do this type of bet, players put the chips at the intersection of the 4 numbers on the corner. If any of the 4 numbers resulted the spin, players can be rewarded 8 is to 1.

Corner bet

Another option of opportunity for the players to bet on is the Corner bet. This allows the players to bet on 4 adjacent numbers. This is done by placing the chips at the point where 4 numbers adjoin. If the result of the spinning wheel is any of the 4 numbers that the players selected, the reward is also 8 is to 1.

  1. The Types of Outside Bets:

Outside bets

Outside bets are those bets wherein the stakes are placed on the external boundary of the table layout. The players’ guesses here are actually more in general terms from which there is not only one opportunity of winning the result of the spinning wheel, meaning the bet is not within the numbers 0 to 36 particularly. As per roulette rules, if the table requires a certain amount as minimum bet, the player could not consider betting in more than one option by totaling the bet to that mentioned certain amount. Let’s take for instance, if the table requires 3 dollars as minimum bet, the player could not put a 1 dollar stake to three different options. The player needs to bet 3 dollars each of the three options if he really wanted to select 3 opportunities. Here are different types of outside bets to be considered.

Low or high

Low or High bet is a bet wherein the players may choose whether the result of the spinning wheel is from the ranges of 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. This makes the probability of winning as 50/50 that is why the reward is also 1 is to 1.

Black or Red

Another 50/50 option is the black or red bet. Players can either put their bets on a red or black diamond shape area on the face of the table. The odds of winning here is 1 is to 1 so as the reward.

Odd or Even

Same with the red and black bet, odd or even is a bet wherein the player may guess the result in a spinning wheel whether the ball will land on an odd or even numbers. The odds of winning are also 50/50 and the reward is still 1 is to 1.

Roulette Columns

There are 3 columns on the roulette table and at the end of the set of 37 numbers are the tags 2 to 1. If the player put a bet on one of this column and the result of the spinning wheel is the number that falls on this column, the player would be rewarded 2 is to 1.

Roulette Dozens

Very column bet alike is the dozen bet. Numbers 1 to 36 numbers are grouped into three dozens, 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36. If the player put a stake on one of these dozen groups and the result of the spinning wheel happens to be a number that falls within the same dozen groups, the player would also be rewarded 2 is to 1.

No matter how the players put their bets and whatever options are used, the reason of winning or losing on this kind of game cannot be blamed or based on how the wheel is spinning or what the table looks like. It is not also on how the player is bread or on how intelligent the player is. No one can also doubt the software used on the games because it is strictly randomized outcome.

Luck and only luck would be the source of any players triumph on winning this game. Also, the result of the spinning wheel has no outline or traceable patterns, so the players are suggested not to based the guess to the previous result because it is surely not connected with each other.

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