Ratu Casino 8 – How to Play Casino Games Best

Casino game categories that offer you an advantage

The casino has so many options in games that you would always have something new, fun, and interesting to play every time you go there. From purely luck games to games that require skills, you would find everything at a casino. Here are the games that you must try if you are looking for some sort of advantage.


Poker is one of those who would always have the edge over people if you play it for long enough and you can read people. Also, if you can study the patterns and probabilities of cards, you would have a significant edge over the rest of the table.

So read about poker, watch a lot of videos and get better at calculating your odds. Also, work on your poker face as much as possible to make sure that you are not giving anything away with your facial expression.


Speaking of card games that involve skill, how can we forget about blackjack? Blackjack is yet another one of those games where beginners face a tough time in the hands of people who have experience. Learn to calculate your odds and use probability to point down the best chances. Also, keep a close track of the cards that have already been dealt to get an edge over others.

Video Poker

Poker but with better chances is video poker. This is one of the most famous electronic games on any casino besides the slot machine, solely based on luck and gives you no advantage. Of course, you need to know the right combinations and make critical decisions to win at video poker.

Still, the more you play, the better you would understand how it works and gain an edge eventually. To enjoy the most, join NetBet Casino Online.

Table based games

Besides the card games that we already discussed, several table-based games aren’t won purely based on luck. Games like craps and baccarat, although they depend majorly on luck, there are a few calculations that you can make to gain an edge over others.

Of course, we all know that end of the day, it is all about luck, but if we make the right decision at the right time in these games, we can avoid losing even if we do not win. Roulette is a great example of a table-based game where good decision-making and calculation can help you not lose too often.

Lottery games

To be very honest, lottery-type games like the slot machine, bingo, and even keno are the kinds of games that you must stay away from. This is because the chances of winning something there are next to zero, and the casino always has the edge over you in such games as there is absolutely no skill involved in such games, and it is pure luck.

Understand that most of the games at a casino have a house edge, which means the casino is more like to win than you are. However, if you had to put your money, do it at games with some skill involved, and the house edge is very low, like poker and blackjack.

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