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How to Host the Perfect Games Night at Home.

After the past year and a half spent indoors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, homeowners have become experts at creating entertainment without leaving their properties. Throughout the various lockdowns we experienced, hosting games night with your families created a fun environment that provided a way for families to bond- while allowing us to stick to the precautions put in place by the government. Pub quizzes, monopoly and many other favourites were dusted off out of the games cupboard and brought back to life, re-igniting feelings of nostalgia and some healthy competition. Now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted and we are able to socialise with others outside our household, the fun of games night has once again been forgotten. However, as winter approaches and so does the Christmas season, many people will be looking to have festive fun with their loved ones, while also saving money. A fun, easy and quick solution to that is to host a games night from the comfort of your own home, and here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips to help you be the greatest hosts.

Working Out Who to Invite:

No matter the type of party, the first problem is always working out how many people you are going to invite. This will largely depend on the space you have in your home, and where abouts you are intending to host the party. You want your guests to feel comfortable in your home, so if you’re thinking of inviting a lot of people round, why not set up multiple gaming stations so that everyone is accommodated?

Space and Time:

Depending on when you’re planning to host your event, this will more than likely impact where abouts in your home you host your event. If it’s throughout the summer months, you may want to have a games party in your garden. This way, you have more choice in what kind of games you play- as you can incorporate outdoor sports. Throughout the colder months, you will more than likely host the games the night inside. Perhaps it’s worth thinking about a few things when it comes to space, such as:

  • Where in your house has the most comfortable seating?
  • Will the space comfortably fit all of your guests?
  • Does the space have easy access to things such as your kitchen space and bathroom?

Prepare Your Entryway:

The first rule of being a good host is to create a good welcome. The entrance of your home is the first impression guests will have of your property, so it’s important to set the tone for the night. When your guests arrive at your home, greet them at the door perhaps with a quirky cocktail or something relating to the game’s night. Additionally, they have somewhere to store their bags and coats, making sure they are somewhere safe and out of sight.

Clean Your Home:

If we’re being honest, no one will want to come to your game’s night if your home is unhygienic. It’s absolutely critical that you clean your home before you host a party. Ensure that the main areas of your home are presentable and tidy, such as the games room, bathroom and kitchen.

Provide Food and Drinks:

No party is complete without food and beverages. On a game’s night, it’s better to have easy finger food that doesn’t require the usual fuss of a dinner party. Perhaps prepare foods such as pizza, chips and various appetisers. Additionally, if you want to use paper plates and tissues for extra ease, that may go along with your relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Accessorise the Space:

Just because it’s a games night doesn’t mean that it still isn’t a party. A great way to get into the party and fun spirit is by having a space that is party-themed. A great way to do this includes:

  • Playing some good music for your guests.
  • Adding ambient lighting and perhaps decorating with fairy lights.
  • Don’t worry about seating- as long as the space is made comfortable. You can add cushions to the floor and throws over the floor.

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