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Playing poker online free: The Worthy of All the Games

The internet has been the biggest medium of recreation for the running generation. Every kind of gaming has arrived to a stage where we can play them on our mobile phones to laptops- be it outdoor games like football and cricket or indoor games like carom, call bridge game and poker online free. Previously, it was a trend that poker was only played in poker rooms but now, digitization has helped us to the game bring to our hand, in our convenient devices. Here, we will talk about few perks of online poker gaming over live poker gaming.


Just imagine, you are in a casino or poker room, playing live poker for over 4 hours now. You are sitting there, managing both your game and public decency. How tiring the whole process is! You can survive another hour or two of gaming, after which, your fatigue would start influencing your game with poker hand rankings.

You can check How to play poker online free

As a result, you have much more chances of losing than winning. Now, imagine another situation where you are literally sitting or lying on your bed in your pyjamas to play poker online, with your favourite food by your side, enough water and no care about public decency. I bet you, such comfort won’t exhaust you much even if you play for 12 hours at a stretch. You are taking breaks as per your mood and then, returning to the game in your homely comfort. Now you can decide for yourself.


Most of the live poker rooms don’t have a huge variety of games. Plus, few of the rules of the game and chip value vary from casino to casino. Is it possible for you to go to a different poker room after every hour of Craps gaming? That’s impossible Thus, you are missing out on so many offers, tourneys, rake back deals and others. However, online poker games gives you this liberty. You can change tables when you play poker online as per your will even after every hand!

Thus, you not only get a variety of online poker games and tourneys but also financial benefits like great rake back deals. Your expressions are your secret. If you are one of those who find it very difficult to put on a ‘poker face ‘during gaming, online gaming is the right choice for you.

When you play poker online, no one can see you, thus you can express your frustration, bliss, irritation, nervousness as and when you wish; your body language would not compromise the strength of your cards this way. Go and burn a voodoo doll of your biggest competitor when you are angry without caring about who saw you during the process!

Multi-tabling and Faster Gaming

In live poker gaming, you can attend to only a single table at a time. Thus, lesser opportunity of earning. Online poker games aren’t that heartless and thus, lets you play on multiple tables at a time- it’s just a matter of minimizing one dialogue box to open another. Also, online gaming is faster comparatively. The number of poker hands within the same time span equals to more earning opportunities.

Your Bankroll is Never Too Less

Not being to afford to play poker online is not something you should be ashamed of. It’s natural, but what do you do when your bankroll isn’t enough to play a game of poker at the casino because most of the casinos don’t have micro-limit games. You need to have a stipulated minimum amount to enrol yourself into any table for the poker hand rankings.

Online poker allows you to play poker at very low stakes and micro-limit. You even have free-roll tournaments if you are totally out of cash. So, there is a scope for everyone. The perks of online gaming are countless. I have listed only five of them here. Rest is for you to enumerate after your fair share of online gaming experiences!

The online arena is the perfect place to work on any holes in your game. You can do rep after rep at the play money tables until the cows come home, or you could do so at the micro-stakes table and only risk losing $5, $10, or maybe $20.

After it’s all said and done you can walk away with a new set of skills or have patched a few holes in your game, all for the price of less than a tank of gas. Thus you have to many reasons to play online poker free.

Learn New Games

The most popular form of poker these days is no limit Texas hold ‘em. Ever since the poker boom of 2003 when Chris Money-maker famously won the World Series of Poker aired on ESPN, it quickly became THE game with the poker hand rankings.

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