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Poker: Betting vs. Checking

You have experienced playing poker online where you’re on “the other side of the best hand” and you are the first to act on the table. This is an unfortunate situation where some individuals with experience in gambling would “know when to bet, know when to fold, and know when to go all-in.” Or if you’re not familiar with it, how do you play cards for bluffing or semi-bluffing? Let’s delve deeper into that in this article.

The 4 Decision Pairs: On the flop, as the first to act you have four possible decision pairs; when a check is in order it’s a value bet, when a player bets on the turn, it’s continuation betting, when they check again after they have already checked on the flop, it’s surrendering the pot to them.

Bet/Continue – You bet with all of your premium hands and then continue to raise the pot if you were successful. So, if you have a very strong hand like a set, three of a kind, or a straight, you are betting this type of hand and trying to get money in the pot from your opponent. If the opponent raises, then think twice about folding.

Bet/Continue or fold – Bet or call the bets and then fold with draws. Act using specific betting strategies, depending on the strength of each draw. The weakest is compared to a premium draw of having an overcard and a backdoor flush draw with few outs. For example, if you are betting, you will have 9 outs on these turns. So this means if you have a premium hand and get raised, you continue betting even if you should be folding those cards. If you have a weak hand, you would bet it and fold with raises. It’s important to keep in mind what hands are worth betting.

Check/Call – In a checking range, we make sure our opponent’s hand doesn’t improve, then we raise if it does. In the hand progression of betting, we are checking and then calling.

Check/Fold – Check/fold is something similar to making a bet with a marginal pair such as a middle pair, by checking if your opponent has made one and then folding. You call and then fold if you have a hand that is absolute junk.

When playing poker, there is a classification of hands known as the ‘”four-hand types.” These four hand categories are an approximate way to group your hands into various degrees of strength that indicate how you should bet or check them.

Four types of hands – Definition

Hand Types: An easy way to categorise hands into various levels of “strength” that helps the player assess the level of risk associated with betting.

Premium made hands – If a hand has enough strength to warrant betting but has not yet been raised, it is often called a premium hand. Some examples of a good premium hand are top pair of Queens, overpair of Sevens, or three-of-a-kind on the Flop. When you have these cards, you will often call them regardless of what the other players have because they have the potential to make an important turning point in your hand.

Draws – This type of hand changes depending on the board and your whole stack. With a number of draws available, it is important to understand the basics and consider what hands will beat you, based on your range composition and board texture. With a Q-9 hand on part 1 on a flop like 7-5-2, it is fairly clear that the only draw is likely to be a flush draw.

Marginal Made Hands – Hands that are considered “marginal” in poker are top pairs and Aces. If a player has these, they will show their two cards on the flop while all other players display their hole cards. So, for example, if we have 10d-10c and Jd-9d hole cards during a hand of 5d-10h, our top pair would be known after the flop.

Junk- The unpaired hand that raises the bet. For example, 9h-8h hole cards on the flop.

What You Might Not Know About Constructing Hand Styles?

Each hand can be won or lost largely depending on the placement on the board. For example, a royal flush is a winning draw because it uses every remaining card in your hand.

Rules :

  • Betting Range – The 1:2 value betting range
  • Checking Range Marginal / Junk Ratio = 70:30

Maintaining a range of hands with premium value placed in the middle or later is an effective strategy that decreases weak spots and increases strong points. It is advisable to use this tactic when bluffing or semi-blowing your adversaries as opposed to just checking on a cold board. Semi-bluffing is about showing extra strength in comparison to your opponents, whereas check-raising often means to show up your hand strength.

When playing card games like poker, it is strongly advised that you should be using the check-raise method. This method works effectively most of the time — particularly for players with a hand range.

By betting and being in position, you can bet your best poker hand with more confidence on the AIO Games platform. You can also play other card games like rummy online on AIO Games application.


AIO Games provides a wide range of online Poker options. There are deposit offers, referral rewards and many other games on their web platform. One of the major contributing factors to the game’s popularity is that players have a variety of great prizes, from rewards to huge cash guarantees, awarded for winning contests offered on AIO Games application.

Poker is a card game based on skill that can win real money for players, who play against a dealer and try to outsmart them in order to win. Furthermore, each hand of poker starts from scratch and no matter how good you are, luck can’t determine who wins. The app is available in both Android and iOS versions and can be downloaded by visiting the AIO Games official website.

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