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Poker Tips to Beat Micro Stakes Cash Games

We know most of you aren’t venturing into the higher stake’s games, you prefer to play lower stakes. But whilst there you still want to win? Whether you play for fun or money, winning always enhances the poker playing experience. This true for live and it’s certainly true for online play too. That’s why we’re going to share some practical poker tips to beat micro stakes cash games.

Get heads up against the fishes
One of the easiest ways to improve your win rate is to play as much as possible against the weaker players. We’re not going to bore you by saying what a fish is, you all know who the bad players are and how to spot them.

Getting heads up with an inferior opponent doesn’t have to be hard. Most of them will be flat calling before the flop. Instead of over-calling behind and inviting others in, we suggest you make an iso poker raise instead. This bet is more likely to deter further calls and isolate the weak player one on one. This is ideal as you will be playing against just one opponent, who is bad post-flop. Perfect, eh?

Value bet bigger
There’s a misconception in the micro stakes games that you should play the same way as you would anywhere else, invite calls with value by offering a nice price. This is a fallacy in the games under $25 buy-in. The weaker opponents are just as like to call a full pot size bet as a small one in internet poker rooms. Therefore, we recommend putting in larger value bets. This will serve you much better as you’ll be picking up much more cash with your value hands.

The contrast to this is to remember you shouldn’t be putting in big bets with bluffs too often either. Since we’ve established, they won’t want to fold, we need to be mostly value betting when we put in these larger sized bets.

Tighten up from early position and small blind
No poker tips article wouldn’t be complete without hand selection advice. It’s a universal truth that poker is more challenging from the earlier positions and the blinds. Why? Because you’re going to be acting before your opponent’s post-flop.

With absence of information and under pressure to choose whether to value bet, check, or bluff, it’s better to rely on hand strength than your ability to play expertly out of position. As such, we advise to tighten up your playing range from these positions.

This means sticking to pocket pairs, big aces and suited paint cards. You are unlikely to make speculative hands profitable from these positions so best to play tighter.

There you have it, some practical poker tips for you to employ in the micro stake’s games online. We are confident if you learn to isolate weak opponents, punish them with bigger value bets and tighten up from the tricky positions, you’ll find yourself with a better chance of success. As always, play sensibly and gamble responsibly.

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