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What Document Notarization is and its Importance

Notarized documents refer to documents certified by the notary public in order to verify their validity or authenticity. Notarization may include witnesses and records of signing documents to ascertain that the entire process doesn’t involve fraudulent activities and, more importantly, to make sure documents are trusted by the authorities that requested them.

Vital documents should be notarized, but accomplishing this is a matter of question. Although it might sound very intimidating, to notarize a document online is as simple as a trip to a shipping center, credit union, or local bank.

How It Works

When getting documents notarized, you may realize that notaries usually follow a set of steps. First, a notary will ask for your ID, which has a picture, signature, and physical description.

The expert will as well record notarization details in a journal of the notarial acts. If documents don’t meet certain criteria, the expert may refuse to validate those documents.

The online notary service and process come to an end when notaries affix their signatures as well as the seal of office on the notarial certificate.

Notarization Types

Although there are many documents and forms, which should be notarized, there are two main types of notarizations. These include certifying a true copy of the original document and witnessing sworn declarations, statements, as well as other forms. If you require a notarization, you must ask yourself which of these categories your documents fit in.

Normally, you will need to fill in some details in the document. Though don’t sign the document until you have a notary witness your signature.


One of the most important notarization requirements is that a competent and certified notary should attest to the signature on documents.

In the US, every state is obligated to certify notaries, and usually, they impose various requirements. But there are several basic requirements, which remain the same in many states, like:

  • Notaries should be 18 years and above
  • No felony conviction unless notaries’ rights got restored
  • They must be a resident in the state where they want to be notaries

Steps of Notarizing Documents

Notaries play an important role in whether you want to sign employment contracts, finalize your will, or buy a home. The process of notarization is helpful as it ensures that every detail in documents is correct factually, and every party understands the content of all the documents.

Although the process of notarizing documents differs slightly from one case to another, many processes might involve contacting notaries, preparing the paperwork, validating your identity, and getting an authentication seal.

The Importance of Document Notarization

Every individual must trust the validity of legal documents. When establishing a power of attorney or buying a home, certainty and clarity are basically not things you may figure out afterward.

Many institutions depend on notaries to ensure they have full faith in all the important documents. Having documents notarized is similar to swearing an oath in a court of law, saying that all the facts in those documents are nothing but true.

Final Remarks!

In case you work in a legal organization or industry, chances are, you may need to have certain documents notarized. So when that time comes, you may want to ensure that you get the services of a certified notary to meet those legal requirements.

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