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Where to find the RTP of a slot?

This information, which as we said in the previous paragraph allows you to understand how many chances of winning the slot machine in question offers, is shown within any game. Just consult the information section in the game panel to know the relative percentage of RTP set by the software house agen slot.

Why choose slot games with a high RTP?

In any case, the RTP of a slot machine establishes the degree of “generosity” of the game in question and for this reason it is always good to consult this data when choosing a title.

While luck always plays its part in a gaming session, knowing the RTP of a slot machine allows you to get a better idea of ​​what to expect from a game and games have a higher RTP. allow the player to experience more profitable and adrenaline-pumping experiences.

But when can an RTP be considered really advantageous?

Generally, all games with an RTP greater than 95% are considered favorable . To understand if a slot machine is really for us, in addition to this data, other factors such as volatility, difficulty and functionality of the games must still be taken into consideration.

Furthermore, in order to get the best benefits from the game chosen, it is good to remember the way in which this data is calculated and then try to reproduce it: by carrying out long sessions and betting on all the bet lines, you will certainly get all the advantages promised by the percentage of RTP declared by the provider. To see the payout percentages of all online slots, we have created a table with the payout percentages of all Unibet games.

Why play online slots

In addition to the convenience of playing wherever you want and on any device, online slot machines offer a number of essential advantages over traditional slots. For example, the choice is extremely wide: you go from the most classic and basic slots , to those with extra features and progressive jackpots .

It is almost impossible not to find a slot that suits itself, even on an aesthetic level. There are those inspired by comics, films and cartoons, or those with exotic scenarios.

The payout , i.e. the ratio of wins to losses, is also more favorable . Physical slots usually have a payout of 75% , while online slots usually have a payout of 95% . This means that in theory out of € 100 played a physical slot returns € 75, while an online one returns € 95.

Furthermore, many online slots can also be played for free. These are perfect for those who are approaching the world of gambling for the first time and do not want to take risks.

Extra features and unexpected surprises

Another feature that has won the hearts of many players is the presence of special functions , for an even more fun and dynamic game. There are the Jokers that increase the chances of winning, the Scatters that give bonus spins, symbols that change according to the situation and win multipliers. Some slots also have spinning reels or hidden jackpots.

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