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Play UK 49s Lottery on YesPlay – Match Six Lucky Numbers to Scoop Fantastic Wins

Are you feeling sad or bored out of your mind? The famous British lottery game – UK 49s – is here and ready to make your day a whole lot brighter! UK49s is one of the most beloved games around Great Britain and internationally, with players being able to pick their preferred bet amount and the number of balls to bet on. The game consists of two daily drawings – one takes place at lunchtime, and the other one occurs at around teatime. If you live in South Africa and operate according to the SAST timezone, the times at which you can bet on the lottery results are 14:49 and 19:49.

How does UK 49s work?

The UK 49s lottery is a quick and engaging betting game played with a pool of 49 balls, of which up to five lucky numbers and one Booster ball are selected. Players can decide whether to include the Booster ball in their bet or not, depending on how big they want their potential payouts to be. The chances of matching all six numbers with the numbers randomly picked in the Lunchtime or Teatime draw are 1 in a little under 14 million, which is quite favorable compared to some more massive lotteries like Powerball or Mega Millions. Players who are fortunate enough to match all six numbers drawn in the game will receive the main cash prize which is beyond generous.

Why play UK 49s online?

Unless you live in the UK, the only legal way for you to play the lottery and be eligible for any cash reward is to place your bets online using trusted and reputable gambling platforms. In South Africa, such an indirect form of betting called Lucky Numbers is available to all adult SA residents via websites like YesPlay. Just as regular players, online bettors that use the Lucky Numbers system will pick their preferred UK 49s numbers and make a bet, but – in this case – the online platform will act as an intermediary enabling the whole experience.

Where to play UK 49s in SA?

YesPlay is the most renowned SA betting platform that provides simple access to the UK 49s lottery along with hundreds of other profitable lotto games from all over the world. It is easy to start making money with YesPlay: you visit the platform to pick your lucky UK 49s numbers, place your bet in just a few clicks, and wait for the winning numbers to be revealed on the results page right after the draw.

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